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What is Enceladus?

Enceladus plays a symbiotic role in Nevellus and decentralized finance at large. Enceladus is a liquidity provision reward system for tokens that are relatively new. This means that tokens on the Enceladus menu are another potential source of yield farming for users. Tokens selected to be on the Enceladus Platform are given an allocation of $NVLS tokens per block to incentivize liquidity provision. The benefit to being on the Enceladus Platform is that the projects themselves aren’t forced to incentivize their communities to provide liquidity for their tokens, because Nevellus does it for them. This eases the burden of impermanent loss, and decreases the price impact/slippage of individual purchases, making purchasing more cost efficient.

Enceladus also benefits the Nevellus ecosystem in the sense that new tokens are often more desirable than established tokens. Thus, the volume is often quite higher than other tokens, which more than justifies incentivizing liquidity.

To receive $NVLS rewards, users should deposit the token received for providing liquidity (NVLP token) into the Enceladus Platform. These rewards help bring new coins to the market, and new coins feed the trading volume on Nevellus. Tokens are chosen to be on the Enceladus Platform based on the quality and demand of their products. If the quality and demand for tokens on the menu remains high, they can remain on the Enceladus Platform indefinitely, or be added permanently.

Apply for the Enceladus Platform

To apply for the Enceladus Platform, please follow this link: Enceladus Application